About Bill

Origin Story

Like many children of the 80s, I grew up at the same time as technology was maturing.  From the original home computers (TRS-80) to the first IBM PC clones, I was constantly tinkering with these new toys, with no idea that it would become a fun and interesting future for me.

Starting from the age of 4, I was programming.  Mind you, this was not architect-level application development, but then again, there’s not much that you can do with 4k of RAM.  When I was 12 years old, my father introduced me to Ashton-Tate’s DBase III.  My project: to catalog and inventory my baseball card collection.  Before long, I had my younger brother as a data-entry clerk, and a fully searchable system that allowed me to tell you how many Jose Canseco cards I had, how many Texas Rangers I had, and the total value of my entire collection.  I realized at this early age the power of data (and truly understanding it), and decided that my life would be devoted to technology.

I felt lucky to know what I wanted to do at such an early age.  When I was old enough to drive, I began to take on consulting jobs for local businesses – building computers, installing networks, supporting programs, etc.  I used my DBase (now version IV) knowledge to create an accounting/shipping management application for a small transport company at DFW Airport.  It was here that I got my start in application design and development, and quickly learned that the rules of the business mattered very much in how the applications were architected.


In my personal life, I have a wonderful wife and two (mostly) wonderful children.  We all were born and raised in Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth area), and grew up with a healthy dose of barbecue and warm weather.  In 2014, the company that I co-founded was purchased by a French company, and I was given the option to relocate.  Having never left the DFW area, my family and I decided that we would take this opportunity to see how the rest of the world worked.  We sold the house, and moved to Chicago, IL.  So much for warm weather…  During this time, my wife obtained her PhD, got a job at MTSU, and in 2019, we moved to the Nashville area.

For enjoyment and relaxation, I enjoy:

  • Listening to music (not country – I had my fill in Texas)
  • Cooking (my wife and I had the opportunity in Texas to take a 14-week French culinary class and enjoy trying new recipes)
  • Wine (I am a Level 1 sommelier, but really, I just like to learn about this very old craft)
  • Sports (I play weekend soccer with my wife, and enjoy coaching children’s soccer for my kids)
  • Games (I enjoy gaming of all kinds, though sometimes have difficulty finding the time)
  • Reading (both fiction and non-fiction/technology articles)
  • Travel (as self-proclaimed Disney nuts, we enjoy frequent trips to Orlando – a few of them, we even decide to take the kids!!!)

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